Internal Medicine Rehabilitation


The Department of Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine is located on the fifth floor of the building No.14 of Tashkent Medical Academy.


All patients requiring an effective treatment course can be managed in the department with maximal comfort. The department provides diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitative care to patients with various forms of therapeutic diseases.


The department employs the highest grade specialists. If necessary, consultations are provided involving specialists of various therapeutic and surgical profile. Because of that, the patients can receive the most specialized care available in a general hospital. The department works closely with clinical departments.


The main purposes of the department are:


- provision of specialized medical and diagnostic medical care to patients.


- timely examination and treatment of patients at the level of state-of-art achievements of science and practice.


- training and retraining of medical and paramedical personnel;


- rational use of available medical and diagnostic tools;


- diagnostic and treatment measures aimed at reducing the examination time and treatment of patients with rational use of hospital beds;


- organization and performance of measures for sanitary and hygienic education of the population, promotion of a healthy lifestyle.


- development and introduction of new organizational forms of work, modern tools and methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation with therapeutic pathology using the latest advances in science and technology.


The Department of Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine of TMA is a part of the clinical base of the Chair of Clinical Pharmacology. Doctors of the department in conjunction with the Chair of Clinical Pharmacology provide qualified and highly specialized care for hospitalized patients.


The department is active since 2015, its bedspace is designed for 15 patients concomitantly. All wards are equipped with modern furniture, there is a dining room with 15 seats, cozy halls with flowers and indoor scenery.


The department provides complete examination and management of patients, both on primary and secondary diagnosis, with a high culture of service and special attention to the patients’ needs.

Highly skilled practitioners of the department will provide fully competent aid to cope with disturbances of the patients’ state and will give advice on the organization of diet, rest and prevention of the various diseases in office. Patients are being admitted to highly comfortable wards.


The following diseases are managed in the department:


  1. Blood disorders and blood formation:


а) anemia.


  1. Diseases of blood circulation:


  1. Essential hypertension.


  1. CHD. Angina pectoris.


  1. Myocarditis.


III. Diseases of respiratory organs:


  1. Pneumonia.


  1. Chronic bronchitis.


  1. Chronic obstructive diseases of lungs


  1. Diseases of genitourinary system;


  1. Acute, chronic pyelonephritis.


  1. Gastrointestinal diseases


  1. Chronic gastritis


  1. Chronic hepatitis


  1. Chronic cholecystitis


  1. Gastric and duodenal ulcer disease.


  1. Rheumatism and rheumatic diseases


VII. Connective tissue diseases:


  1. System lupus erythematosus.


  1. Dermatomyositis.


  1. Systemic scleroderma.


  1. Rheumatoid arthritis.


  1. Osteoarthritis.


  1. Polyarteritis nodosa.


  1. Bekhterev's disease.


  1. Reactive arthritis.


Treatment of patients is performed in compliance with nosologic units approved by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Complex treatment plan includes drug therapy, physiotherapeutic methods, acupuncture, psychotherapy.


Hospitalization is provided through advisory out-patient department and the Republican Center of Rheumatology and Arthrology.


In certain cases, consultations of endocrinologist, neurologist, urologist, ophthalmologist, vascular surgeon, allergist are provided.


Department applies all range of necessary state-of-art biochemical, laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods; ultrasonography of pelvic organs and abdominal cavity, thyroid gland, electrocardiogram, echocardioscopy, veloergometry, bone densitometry, endoscopy, rectoscopy, vascular testing (Doppler) to establish correct diagnosis and control efficiency of the carried-out treatment, medical employees of the Department work in close contact with specialists of various diagnostic services. For improvement of management quality of patients, the Department is equipped with round-the-clock nurse desks. The Department of Rehabilitation and Internal Medicine of the Tashkent medical academy serves as the clinical base of the Chair of Clinical Pharmacology.


The department provides complete examination and management of patients, both on primary and secondary diagnosis, with a high culture of service and special attention to the patients’ needs.


Мирахмедова Хилола Тухтасиновна

Мирахмедова Хилола Тухтасиновна

Тошкент тиббиёт академияси 1- сон ички касалликлар пропедевтикаси кафедраси мудири Т.Ф.Д.

Ширинжон Абдурахмановна Хасанова

Ширинжон Абдурахмановна Хасанова


– заведующая отделением, врач высшей категории

Толиба Каримовна Ходжаева

Толиба Каримовна Ходжаева


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