Planned and emergency operating unit

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Tashkent Medical Academy

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Planned and emergency operating unit № 1

2021 year

The operating unit is located in the 1st building on the 8th floor. It has 8 operating rooms that meet modern standard requirements. The equipment and fittings are fully available. In 2021. equipped with new modern devices: anesthesia machines, shadowless ceiling lamps, coagulators, aspirators.

Staff: head of department

- 1.0 Art., Surgeon of the highest category.

- nursing staff - 13.5 items: head nurse - 1.0; planned operating rooms - 8.0; emergency opera. fast. - 4.5.

- staff of nurses: 7.5

All operating rooms are profiled: 1 operating room for abdominal, 2-3 operating vascular, 4 operating for thoracic, 5 operating thoracolaparoscapic, 6-7-8 operating emergency operating rooms.

Operations unit activities:

In operating rooms, abdominal, gastrointestinal, liver operations are performed.

Thoracic operations on the lungs, vascular operations on the carotid arteries, on the popliteal arteries and veins of the lower extremities.

Thoracolaparoscopic operations. All emergency operations are in the emergency operating rooms.

Over the past 3-5 years, new high-tech laparoscopic operations have been performed in the operating unit:

- adrenalectomy

- hernia of the diaphragm

- hemicolectomy

- gastric resection

- gastric bypass
- sleeve gastrectomy
- on strictures of the biliary tract

 - resection of the pancreas
- liver resection

The operating unit needs repair work:

- it is completely necessary to change the heating

- it is necessary to carry out a separate supply of cold water.

Head dep. Urunov A.S.