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Physiotherapy department

Department of physiotherapy located in 9 block Multidisciplinary clinic of the  Tashkent Medical Academy on the 4 th floor, in 12 block on the 1 st floor and physiotherapy branches are  located in the surgical block   The head of department is a doctor with high category Makhmudova F.S. There are 2 docents, Ph.D., 18 nurses,5 of them with high category and 2 of them 2nd category.

Department have 53 physiotherapeutic apparatus for electrotherapy, light therapy, thermotherapy and massage-traction and traction beds complex devices.

In the department there are consultations and treatment of patients, directed from other departments of TMA (neurology, cardioreumathology), and outpatients using methods of physiotherapy, massage. Patients are under permanent observation to control adequate reactions of body to physiotherapy. 


There are following  physiotherapeutic types of treatment:

-Electrotherapy: Galvanization, Electrophoresis, Diadynamic currents (Bernard current), Sinusoidal modulated currents,

-High-frequency electromagnetic fields: Magnetic therapy, Darsonvalization,

-Light therapy: laser therapy, infrared therapy, ultraviolet therapy.

-Thermotherapy: parrafine-ozokerite applications.

- Mechanical oscillations: ultrasound, ultraphonoforesis.

- Massage-traction complex apparatus

Also different techniques of therapeutic massage, forms and means of therapeutic exercises.

The objectives of physical rehabilitation of patients are restoring health, combating hypokinetic, improved psycho-emotional status, maintaining physical activity of patients, restoration of disturbed functions of organs and systems, the development of the patient's adaptation to physical load, improve the quality of life, prevent and reduce disability.

Department is widely using methods of physiotherapy and massage in the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with following diseases:

  • cerebro-vascular diseases of brain
  • diseases of muscle-skeleton system ( rhemautoid  artritis, osteoartrosis, ankylosing spondylitis, osteochondrosis of spine, artritis, artrosis)
  • diseases of peripheric nervous system ( neuritis, neuralgia, plexitis, neuropathy, radiculitis
  • diseases of respiratory tract (pneumonia, bronchial asthma, bronchitis)
  • diseases of digestive tract (esophagitis, gastritis, ulcerative disease of the stomach and duodenum, pancreatitis, cholecystitis, colitis)
  • endocrinology diseases (diabetes, obesity, goiter)
  • diseases of kidneys and urinary tract (chronic pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, urine acid diathesis)


Усмонходжаева Адибахон Амирсаидовна.

Усмонходжаева Адибахон Амирсаидовна.

- Кафедра бошлиғи, доцент, т.ф.н.

Махмудова Файруза Салахутдиновна

Махмудова Файруза Салахутдиновна

- Заведующая отделением физиотерапии, врач высшей категории