Children’s Consulting Polyclinic

Consultative polyclinic

Children’s reception is located on the 1st floor of the 14th building. Section continues functioning continuously throughout the day. Therefore,  children between 4 day old and 18 years old  who come from different regions of Uzbekistan and Tashkent city, with or without invitation are received in this section.  Pediatrician, a nurse on duty and medical receptionist work throughout the day.

Children’s Consulting Polyclinic consists of  following rooms:

  • List room;
  • Reception;
  • isolation room;
  • treatment rooms;
  • sanitary treatment room

In order to improve the diagnostic and treatment process, Children’s Consulting Polyclinic is organized in this floor.

Outpatient functions untill the first half of the day, between 8:00 a.m and 14:00 p.m.

Paediatricians, allergology, nephrologist, neurologist, cardioreumatologist and otolaryngology specialists work in the Consulting Polyclinic.

Patients between 5 days to 18 years from different regions of the Republic, address to the clinic with registration card in one of the Tashkent city clinics, or regional clinic’s card’s copy.

Consulting Polyclinic is responsible for early detection, diagnosis and treatment, as well as preventive measures of diseases.

Treatment is carried out by high category specialist doctors.

Responsibilities of Department:

The diagnosis of main diseases of children under the age of 5 - 18 days, treatment and prevention to meet the needs of qualified medical aid;

-Ensuring medical services in areas of modern methods and technologies in the department;

-analysing sick child’s health in the state of emergency. Clarifying stages of treatment;

-Registration of patients who address to the department;

- Putting patients in specialist departments inside the outpatient, if necessary, to send to other hospitals;

-In emergency situations, serving emergency medical assistance and recovery procedures;

-To ensure consistency of treatment between children's hospital and primary outpatient treatment joints, children's hospitals, maternity wards, and medical institutions;

- Isolation of patients with infectious diseases in cases of doubt;

Following investigations are conducted in Children’s consulting polyclinic:

The performances of department are on the basis of internal orders of the clinic and Ministry of Health. Control and treatment plan of department is based on MH 28.06. 2012 №144 -order.

To give specialist recommendations and carry out diagnosis, treatment procedures to the patients who address to cardioreumatologist, neurologist, pulmonologist, allergologist, pephrologist, otolaryngologist and pediatrician specialists.

Cardiologist - checks and cures patients with widespread heart-vein problems, myocarditis, collagenosis, vegeto-vascular dystonia, rheumatic diseases, and other diseases of the joints, hemorragic vasculitis.

Nephrologists - check and treat patients with acute and chronic pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, I and II degree of chronic renal failure patients, the secondary nephropatiasis, hereditary nephritis, patients with dizmetabolik nephropatiasis and children with urinary tract infection.

Neurologists-cure patients with perinatal encephalopathy different genesis MAT intoxication, secondary meningoentsefalit, children's cerebral paralysis and other nervous system diseases, carry out diagnosis and treatmen methods.

Allergologist - cures patients with atopic dermatitis, rhinitis vazomator disorders, such as obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma .

Pediatricians check children of all ages and treat them, they put much effort to prevention and treatment of diseases.

Section of Children’s reception and consulting polyclinic’s activities are closely related to the Tashkent Medical Academy’s "Children's diseases" department, therefore in the process of diagnosis and treatment their valuable advices are effectively used.

-Taking advantage of modern laboratory diagnostic methods;

- When necessary, sending for the in-patient treatment;

-According to the medical vouchers sending patients to other treatment-preventive institutions and other treatment facilities;

-Carrying out sanitation campaigns among patients and their parents;

-Conducting statistical analysis of diseases;

Following diagnostics are conducted in children’s reception section and consulting polyclinic:

1) Laboratory analysis:


General blood test;

General urine analysis;

coprological investigation;

Nechiporenko urine tests Zimnitskiy;

Reberg test;

  • Blood biochemical analysis (enzymes: ALT, AST, LDH, amylase, lipase, and alkaline phosphatase; bilirubin and a faction of it; the blood protein and its fractions; urea, creatinine, blood sugar; the exchange of minerals: calcium, potassium and sodium);


lipid spectrum;

hormones (T3, T4, and the level of hormones TTG TTG receptors antibodies the amount of insulin in the blood serum);

Rheumo test;

briefly with cells;


2) Instrumental investigations:


X-ray examination;

Exoem EEG;

EсhoCS; ECG;


ultrasound of internal organs; NSG;


3) Special infection control:


TORCH infection control;

Viral hepatitis B and C markers.

HIV ELISA method.