Women's Health Center

Consultative polyclinic

The Women's Health Center was founded on November 13, 1997. This department is dedicated to the Year of Women in the United States. First Ladies of Uzbekistan and the United States T. Karimova and Kh. Clinton (AMSZ, AMSZ) USAID  opened the Women's Health Center of the Obstetric and Gynecological Complex of the Tashkent Medical Academy. The center is located on the left side of the 5th floor of the 6th building of our clinic.

The Center provides preventive, primary medical examinations, diagnostic and therapeutic services to women of all ages. The center provides outpatient and diagnostic services of an obstetrician-gynecologist, internist and dermatologist. The center is located in the maternity complex and relies on its material and technicalbase, so its employees have the opportunity to provide all types of medical services.

The Women's Health Center is the medical base of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Tashkent Medical Academy. The center employs the head of the Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor D. K.Najmutdinova and Scientific director of the Center, Associate Professor Sodikova D. R., as well as doctors of the highest category Zhumaniyazova O. K., E. U. Kholikov, Zh. K. Rakhimova, D. R. Khudoshukurova, M. Yu.Ismailova. Senior students, undergraduates, and clinical residents study and practice at the center.

The center has a treatment room equipped with the necessary equipment for all procedures,other examination rooms, an ultrasound room.

  • Daily admission of patients in Women's Health Center.

* Ultrasound examination, planned or emergencyhospitalization of patients, depending on the diagnosis.

* Outpatient treatment at the Women's Health Center.

  • Arrange examination of associate professors and professors for patients with an undetermined diagnosis.

* Follow-up of patients admitted to the Women's Health Center based on their diagnosis.

  • Provide anextract from the medical history to the doctors at the place of residence of patients who have expired treatment at the Women's Health Center.

* Compliance with standards of treatment and diagnosisстики, useof new methods in treatment.

* The center regularly prepares patients for gynecological operations.

* Prevention and early detection of female genital and breast cancer.

* Prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

* Screening of menopausal women.

* Re-productive health, partner in childbirth, general education programs.


The department has a total of 20 employees, they are; 8 doctors, 7 nurses, 2 junior medical staff and 1 cashier work.