The department of gastroenterology is situated on the 12th building at the 2nd floor of Multidisciplinary clinic of the Tashkent Medical Academy. The department is equipped and adapted for the gastroenterological patients with modern methods of diagnostics and treatment technologies. The department functions as clinical base of department of the Tashkent Medical Academy. It supervises internal diseases. Now, the department is organized 35 curing places. In the department, there are 20 chambers for comfortable stay and receipt of highly skilled diagnostics and treatment function.


In department has 3 gastroenterologists A. A. Yakubov and S. L. Chasanoff, A.M.Khadirov and also, two candidates of the medical sciences, who responsible for medical work are S. I. Sadikov and M. H. Tagayev. The department of gastroenterology works on "Internal diseases" at the Tashkent medical academy work. The head of department is MD professor Abror Asrorovich Hamrayev, who actively participates in medical process of patients.

The office closely cooperates with department of "Internal diseases". The round of patients, together with doctors of office, is held by the department chair MD professor A. A. Hamrayev. On the basis of office the following staff of department works: MD professor M. T. Rustamova, PhDs in Medicine. associate professor S. I. Sadikova, PhDs in Medicine. associate professor M.Kh.Tagayeva, PhDs in Medicine.

Types of the given help:

  1. Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of a gullet.

Identification of GERD, including at patients with atypical symptoms, individual matching of therapy, as well at patients with lack of efficiency of already carried out treatment.

Carrying out the differential diagnosis at patients with claims to  pains.

Diagnostics of an analysis  of a sebesten, cardiospasm, ezofagospazm, damages of a gullet in case of system diseases.

Diagnostics of a gullet of Barret with development of the individual plan of treatment of patients

  1. Treatment of a peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum.

In clinical practice modern schemes as standard therapy according to the international references are introduced.

Carrying out differential and diagnostic search for an exception of symptomatic ulcers

Carrying out individual selection of anti-ulcerous therapy and assessment of its efficiency

  1. Diagnostics and maintaining patients with autoimmune and atrophic gastritis.

The algorithm of diagnostics and maintaining patients with various types of gastritis, including autoimmune and atrophic is developed and introduced in practice.

  1. Treatment of patients with illness of the operated stomach.

After treatment of patients after a stomach resection.

To patients with recurrent ulcers of a stump of a stomach and an anastomosis identification of the reasons of a recurrence of a disease, assessment of existence of an infection of H.pylori then selection of pathogenic treatment is carried out is carried out.

The differential diagnosis of anemia at patients after a stomach resection with definition of tactics of individual medical mental therapy is carried out.

  1. Diagnostics and treatment of the diseases which are followed by a chronic diarrhea, a sprue and a proteinteryayushchy enteropathy.

Enterocolonografiya with peroral and intravenous contrasting are applied to establishment of the reason of a chronic diarrhea and a spruce. Depending on the established diagnosis ethos tropic and pathogenic treatment and nutritive support is carried out.

  1. Diagnostics and treatment of functional diseases of digestive tract (functional dyspepsia, syndrome of the angry intestine).


To patients examination for an exception of organic pathology of organs of digestive tract is conducted. After establishment of the diagnosis of a functional disease individual treatment planning of patients depending on the dominating symptoms is developed.

The unit cooperates with diagnostic unit of functional diagnostics:

Carrying out endoscopic researches of the top and lower departments of digestive tract with use of modern technologies

Ultrasound examination of abdominal organs

GIT roentgenos copy with oral contrasting and assessment of its efficiency


Хамраев Аброр Асрорович

Хамраев Аброр Асрорович

“УАШ тайёрлаш, ички касалликлар ва эндокринология” кафедраси мудири, тиббиёт фанлари доктори, профессор

Рустамова Мамлакат Тулабаевна

Рустамова Мамлакат Тулабаевна

- даволаш ишлари бўйича масъул кафедра ҳодими, тиббиёт фанлари доктори, профессор.

Якубов Абдужамол Абдужалолович

Якубов Абдужамол Абдужалолович


Гастроэнтерология бўлими мудири

Хасанов Санжар Латипович

Хасанов Санжар Латипович


Гастроэнтерология бўлими шифокори