Neonatal and Infant Resuscitation

Obstetric - gynecological complex



Tashkent Medical Academy Multidisciplinary Clinic Department of Neonatal and Infant Resuscitation is located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the maternity complex, building 6. The department has a total of 45 employees. Among them are 10 neonatologists, 25 nurses, 10 junior medical staff.

Department history

The Department of Neonatal and Infant Intensive Care of the Tashkent Medical Academy Multidisciplinary Clinic was established in 1980. The head of the department is Astrakhantseva L.O. Inagamova M.G. Israilova N.M. and since 12.2019 Musaeva F.M. In 2018, a neonatal intensive care unit was established and operates as a neonatal and neonatal intensive care unit.

Section view

The department of neonatal and neonatal resuscitation is located on the 2-3rd floor of the 6th building of the multidisciplinary clinic of the Tashkent Medical Academy. On the 2nd floor there is the head of the department, the head nurse of the department, the head of the department, the doctors' room, the staff room, the washing and sterile room and the infant resuscitation rooms. On the 3rd floor there is an infant resuscitation room, a doctor’s room, a vaccination room, an audio screening room, a staff room and equipment storage rooms.

Musaeva Feruza Mirtahirovna Head of the Department of Neonatal and Infant Intensive Care.


Department of Neonatal and Infant Intensive Care

                                                 about the activities

1 The activity of the department is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of local self-government bodies, normative legal acts of the regional health department, decisions of the chief physician of the Tashkent Medical Academy multidisciplinary clinic, this charter, constituent documents.

2 Neonatal and neonatal resuscitation T.T.A. Multidisciplinary Clinic is a structural unit of the Obstetrics Complex.

 - The department is designed to provide medical care to babies born healthy and in critical condition.

- The neonatologist, nurse and junior medical staff are on duty around the clock.

Tasks of the department.

1 Timely participation of neonatologists in the process of female childbirth, teamwork.

 2 Work responsibly.

 3 Maintain cleanliness.

  4 Seeing babies, timely treatment.

  5 Timely and accurate reporting of income and expenditure of medicines.

In Section 6, blood is taken from infants to detect phenylketonuria, Hypothyroidism hereditary diseases and sent to the screening center.

 7 Newborns are vaccinated against hepatitis and tuberculosis.

 8 Audio screening is performed to determine the hearing ability of newborns.